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Located in the Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, enjoys international recognition as a first class tourist destination and as the best vacationing destination in Mexico according to US News. Mixing tradition and history with the modernity of an important hotel infrastructure, Puerto Vallarta is a place where it´s possible to access through earth, air and sea. This last one makes Puerto Vallarta one of the most important port cities of the country, receiving about 270 cruises every year.

The natural attractions of Puerto Vallarta feature international renowned beaches, such as Playa de Oro, Playa Las Animas and Playa de los Muertos, being this one the most famous one.

Undoubtedly, to the attractions of this port you can add the subtropical climate, ideal for the practice of all types of outdoor activities. While the lowest temperature reaches 68 F, the maximum one can reach the 90 F.